Delta Defenders: we are very disappointed in President Trump

Delta Defenders has sent a letter to the President, saying how disappointed we are with his actions giving away our Delta water to irresponsible farmers in the San Joaquin Valley. These farmers have planted crops where there are no surface water supplies and drained groundwater to do it. Now they are demanding more of our California Delta water.

The Delta water that the President giving them doesn’t just protect a three inch fish. It sustains our farms and our communities. Our Delta farmers have farmed sustainably for generations.  Most of our farms have used the same amount of water for a hundred years. We grow pears and cherries and walnuts and corn and some of the finest wine grapes in the country.

Our Delta also has a huge sport fishing community, and many marinas that will also be harmed by your actions. When people don’t come here to fish, our local businesses suffer.

We ask the President not to sacrifice the California Delta to satisfy the insatiable thirst of industrial growers who sell almonds to China. The simple fact is that they are still planting more and more trees in the desert, and will keep doing so, as long as they are making a profit.

Read our letter here.